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tips if ur on the atkins diet

So been on atkins for 2 weeks now. known as the induction phase you're only allowed 20g carbs per day to put your body into keto, which is where you burn fat instead of carbs for energy. Have definitely noticed big drops on the scales, so here's a list of atkins diet tips that helped me get through. Add some more if you are doing it too...



Very low carb so good to learn various things you can do with it. Mashed with cheese makes like a fake mash potato which is good . apparently u can even make a pizza base with them! saw one recipe where you mix curry paste any mayo, coat the cauli with it and microwave for 6 minutes.

orange tic tac


haven't tried this yet. but apparently sugar free and read online somewhere that someone was using them and helped them get through. Sounded like a good tip, so adding it

green tea


apparently helps lose a bit of weight so have been drinking this in place of regular tea

coke zero


I shouldn't advise this but apparently it's zero carbs and zero sugar. I had a small bottle in the fridge and if I felt like giving up completely would treat myself to a sip. Only maybe 1 every other day when feeling weak. Was better than nothing and probably didn't hurt too much.



apparently not allowed them in induction but I got a bag of walnuts and brazil nuts and would have one or 2 when feeling like a snack

drink lots of water


So always drink a lot of water as helps keep you full up. I always guzzle a load before eating but found I was generally more thirsty on this diet anyways.

unsweetened almond milk


You can swap this out for normal milk. Great as means you can still enjoy a coffee, make scrambled eggs etc

morning jog


exercise is also important

Atkins bars


bit pricey, but very nice. esp the hazlenut ones. these babies help a lot. only 2g's, but just eat them in halves whenever u feel tempted. there's other types of high protein bars too, but these so far I have found the nicest



So ur allowed mayo which is nice with tuna and just with lots of things. i.e. with a lettuce you can put mayo on it and wrap up a chicken breast tastes quite nice. but lots of other stuff goes with mayo too.

Sugar Free Jelly


so sugar free jelly is a good tip. also if you drip a tablespoon of thick cream on in. This really is great as its a rare treat you can actually have and you don't have to feel to guilty about it.