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Amazing Pictures of Delilah Alvares

Delilah Alvares - Model, Actress, Novelist

Delilah Alvares - Vampire Diaries


If Delilah Alvares was cast in "Vampire Diaries", she'd be perfect for the role

Delilah Alvares makes a strong comeback in 2016


Delilah Alvares drowned out in 2014. But, made a strong comeback in 2016

Delilah Alvares - Best Selling Novelist in Australia


Delilah Alvares became a best-selling novelist in Australia after her debut novel hit the best seller list in July 2016

Delilah Alvares' most frequent press picture worldwide


This is the most used picture of Delilah Alvares by the press worldwide

Delilah Alvares - One of the living Barbie Dolls


Delilah Alvares at the Grape Escapade Fashion Show (One of the living Barbie Dolls)

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